Dances of Spirit - Unleash Your Spirit Through Movement & Dance

Lillie Cintrón

Dance Healing Facilitator
Dancer & Choreographer
Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Coach 

Lillie is a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Coach with a passion for dance and self-expression. She strongly believes in the healing power of movement and dance and has created venues for her clients to heal and liberate their spirits through dancing, performance and coaching sessions. She also provides corporate dance programs for team building and stress management.

Her dance background began at age 3 with Ballet and Flamenco then later in her teen years she feel in love with Ballroom & Latin Dance and later learned Jazz, Modern, Folk and Hip Hop.

She's being dancing on stage since age 5 and began choreographing at 15 for her HS talent shows.

However, instead of pursuing a dance career, she chose a more "practical" business career path as an accountant and business consultant for 20 years.

In 2000, she left her corporate career to begin her spiritual coaching practice helping people undergo their business and life transitions. She has been a spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker since then while continuing with her business consulting services. 

In September 2009, she relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida following her lifelong dream of living in the mainland and to travel around the nation exploring new landscapes. She only packed two suitcases, a one-way ticket and an open heart ready to start all over again.

It was a tough transition through the difficult times of the global depression, which at 46, led her to take a deep look at her life, reinvent herself and rediscover her passion for dance through the most unconventional divine orchestration...

The Dance found her again...

In 2010, while teaching a class based on the book "Finding Yourself in Transition," she felt the desire to raise her teaching style to another level. She wanted to find a method that would be more experiential rather than theoretical for people to experience true deep healing while dealing with their life transitions. Times were so tough then and people were having such difficulty in their lives: loosing jobs, homes, relationships, everything, that it seemed unbearable to sustain the level of stress they had. She wanted to create a way for people to release, heal and let go while feeling uplifted and having fun.

That inner longing brought her to a meditation gathering. The group was led into meditation with live drum sounds and rhythms. Deep in trance, she saw herself dancing and that totally took her by surprise since she hadn't danced in almost 30 years. As the drum beats kept increasing in intensity, she felt like standing up and moving to the rhythms. She could no longer sit still. 

Overcoming her concerns of "I shouldn't do this, I'm supposed to be still...meditating!" she got up and danced. She could not believe what was going on, since meditation is supposed to be done sitting still and here she was moving and dancing with complete abandon. She danced steps that she had never learned before and felt she was being led by a powerful force inside of her. She had done her first trance dance, with no idea of what had just happened. Unbeknownst to her, she had just been shown her life purpose: trance dance healing. She finally got her answer, yet she had no idea what will become next.

Being a formally trained dancer, she had never heard of anything like what she had just experienced and no one could explain to her either what was going on. So she had to find out what it was. The intuitive insights kept coming after that night. She was given information on where to look and research until she learned what trance dance was. She was so fascinated about her findings that she kept researching and studying everything she could find about trance dance, Zen practices, shamanic healing and the therapeutic benefits of movement.

She began practicing shamanic trance dance for her own healing and introduced it to her friends. She also began taking courses on different dance healing modalities. Through her own inner dance journey she achieved heart opening transformations, healed emotions and noticed deep changes in herself and her own view of life. 

She wanted to provide these benefits to others, since there was no other spiritual dance venue in the area at that time. 

Word spread around as she pioneered the spiritual dance movement in St. Pete and surrounding areas. She was invited to do demos of blindfolded trance dance as well as perform sacred dances at local churches, festivals and spiritual events.

At Unity of St. Petersburg she got a chance to perform a solo worship dance to live music, not choreographed and without a prior rehearsal with the band. She had to face her fears of being "out of shape and too old to be on stage" and do something she had never done before: trust the divine to lead her dance.

That experience and the audience's response was heart opening, liberating and still beyond words for her to explain. This was her "a-ha!" moment where she knew that this is what she was meant to do and teach others.

While in the process of creating a dance workshop, she received a strong insight about developing a transitions program. She was standing in the hallway at Unity of St. Petersburg and little did she knew that her intended dance class will divinely unfold into a healing program to help people navigate through their life transitions.

That same year she created Dances of Spirit, a trance dance practice that opens participants to an inspiring and blissful state of well being. This program was designed to shift old paradigms and release emotional memories at the cellular level. The dance leads participants through a cathartic path that unleashes their most powerful self.

On August 2011, she facilitated her first workshop and since then, she has humbly witnessed how people get over their fears, move out of their comfort zones, heal long-standing emotions and unhealthy belief patterns and leap into more creative, fulfilling and joyful lives.

In her own words: "The dance doesn't change what we're going through, it changes us and how we go through our life experiences. When we touch the divine, we can't help but shift our perspective of life. It heals that which is holding us back, our own misconceptions, thought patterns and fears. As we dance, we know that our divine spirit is healing us while leading us into our unique life dance. It sheds what no longer serves us and liberates an authentic version of our selves. The dance defines us, moving us into a new life with purpose."

For Lillie, Dances of Spirit became her own journey of self-discovery and personal growth. In developing her own practice as trance dance healer, she has also healed her own relationship with God.

As a healing practitioner, she has a hybrid blend of talents and intuition that make up her holistic approach for life and business transformations and complement her dance healing services. 

As a Spiritual Teacher and Coach, she advises individuals on how to handle their personal transitions, restructure and organize their lives while supporting them in their spiritual growth. 

As a Business Consultant, she combines her business background with spiritual awareness to inspire entrepreneurs as they shift their operations into holistic and prosperous enterprises. She is a firm believer that conscious and transparent business practices are the key to a better economy.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a Master's degree in Marketing. 

Her two wonderful sons, Pedro Daniel and Pedro Juan (married to Nikki), have been her greatest inspiration to keep going, searching and growing. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she now lives in Florida and enjoys traveling to new locations around the nation.