Dances of Spirit - Unleash Your Spirit Through Movement & Dance

Charlie's Story

Dances of Spirit began for me with the first gathering Lillie organized and facilitated back in 2011. That very first time attending I was not only moved by the music, and the rhythms she provided but truly felt something "shift" within me. The reverence and sacredness of the space that she created, along with her ability to gently guide you into a meditative state all while connecting with beautiful music and movement. 

I had danced to music most of my life, mostly casual club or saloon dancing, where you followed steps or line dancing, but nothing had ever truly "moved" me in the manner that this experience had. I found myself leaving that first day, intrigued and anticipating the next gathering. As the weeks went on I began to connect in a deeper level each time to the music, feeling a transformation occurring within me. The music was somehow reaching into my being and calling me to release my inhibitions and reluctance to move freely and without fear of judgment or ridicule.

I want to mention that at this time I weighed over 300 pounds and was dancing each week while wearing a blindfold. As Lillie explained, this helped to close the eyes of the mind and open to the eyes of the spirit to move and connect me intuitively. This was all new to me; I trusted and moved forward each week experiencing revelations both spiritually and physically. It is difficult for me to put into words what was happening within myself. I was feeling more open with my emotions, my talents and beginning to find myself shifting into a more aware state of being.

My place in the universe, if you will, was slowly being revealed to me. The weeks became months and the months became a year and every experience was shaping me and showing me the divine within myself. 

I found myself some weeks connecting so intensely to the music and the meditation that I was transported to other worlds complete with sound, light and textures that were communicating to me and opening my spirit to a new way of viewing myself. 

I grew up in a very conservative southern home where expressing your creative and perhaps more gentle side was not the norm. Through Dances of Spirit and the freedom that it has allowed me to express myself, I have discovered a depth and peace that I have not known before. I have always enjoyed music and dance but this is not just about music and dance. This experience for me has been about connecting with Spirit and the divine that is within me. 

I have discovered a path that has led me to a physical transformation that has allowed me to loose over 100 pounds. I do know that through each week's meditative dance, I have connected with and worked through many issues that had held me back in my quest for a lasting physical transformation.

I found myself open to new experiences and feelings about my life and how I projected myself and navigated in this world. The realization that I have talents and gifts that are valued and can be put out into this world to make it a better place and to do so without fear has sincerely opened my life. 

 I have had the joy of being a part of Dances of Spirit now for three years and I must tell you that the revelations continue to this day. I have found within me an artist, a creator of beauty, a mentor and better human being open to all the world is. For me it is no longer about the music and the dance, it is about connecting and communing with Spirit in movement, opening my heart and mind to move fearlessly into this life.

If you show up with an open heart and mind and join in, be prepared for a transformational experience.  

Thank you Lillie for holding the space each week and opening my heart to this amazing journey.  I am now and will forever be....  A Dancer in Life!