Dances of Spirit - Unleash Your Spirit Through Movement & Dance

"It's was a very special night at Dances of Spirit. Lots of energy, lots of emotion and lots of joy. At times very touching. Thank you my friends, and a special thank you to Lillie." ~Larry

"The dance, the trance, the community, all were divine."~Kathy R.

“So incredibly liberating!”~Don C.

"A beautiful experience connecting to Spirit through dance. Kind, loving people." ~Suzy

"Awesome tribal dance." ~ JoAnn

“Excellent as always.Great music and deep connection with our growing community of dancers.” ~John A.

"Lillie is a spiritual DJ who channels ALL SORTS of interesting music that MOVES ME." ~ Jeannette

"I want to tell you again how much I appreciate the trance dance. I notice that the next day, I can harmonize my two worlds so much easier...the spiritual and every day life. This is really a shamanic journey through dance."~Vicki B

"Dances of Spirit is so AMAZINGLY uplifting and joyous! Moving to the music, allowing Spirit to flow through me, sharing the experience with such wonderful people, all there for the same reason, to open our hearts to the divine. A blessing! So much love shared. Thank you Lillie and everyone!"~Charlie L.

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