Dances of Spirit - Unleash Your Spirit Through Movement & Dance

The Mystic Dance Experience

Our dance is a spiritual practice of mysticism and devotion through movement. Based on ancient tribal dance techniques, we facilitate a sacred space for you to be in the Presence of Spirit to heal, grow and expand on your spiritual path.

As we dance we release the emotions that keep us from feeling the Divine Presence within  
and as we go deeper within, whatever needs to heal will be healed. We pray, we let go, we surrender and we soar. We learn to trust our intuition to lead us in the dance while quieting the mind. We celebrate the joy of being alive.

Now more than ever our spirits need to dance, to find the peace within and the strength to flow through the times that we are living. 

If you want to go into deeper levels of your soul and express yourself freely, this is the place to be. Lillie's intuitive mix of exotic and tribal sounds will transport you to the core of your being through an inner exploration that will open your heart, awaken your passions and uplift your spirit.

We look forward to meeting you and celebrate with you on our mystic dance. 


If you're a first timer, you will be introduced & supported through the process until you're comfortable to be on your own. For more details, please contact Lillie at 727-365-3161.

This not a social or networking gathering. You are here to go within, heal and be in the Presence and find yourself. We provide the sacred space for that. There's no conversations in the sanctuary or during the dance. 
There is no structure and no steps to learn. No dancing skills or experience is necessary. 

Blindfolds are provided (optional for beginners) to help you focus your attention within and to go deeper into the trance. 

Once we begin, the doors are locked to honor the sacred space, so please arrive on time to get centered, relaxed and ready. 

Wear comfortable clothing and don't forget to bring your water bottle.

 This is an alcohol, drug and smoke-free environment.

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For more information, 
call Lillie Cintrón 727-365-3161