Lillie Cintrón, MBA

Intuitive Consulting to live a life in order and divine balance. 


Free Your Spirit and Dance with Life!

Transitions Management Services for Healing and Spiritual Growth

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Welcome to my website! I hope that you find here what your soul has been yearning for. Dances of Spirit™ was created out of my desire to help people navigate through their transitions and provide them with positive and uplifting ways to manage their life altering changes. It is a program that combines counseling, workshops and dance healing sessions to help you restructure, simplify and organize your life. If you're looking for alternative ways to move through your life path, Dances of Spirit™ will support you through your transitions, endings, new beginnings and challenges. 

I invite you to take a look at my website, to get a general idea of what I do and see what resonates with you. Then call me for specific details on how I can better serve you. 

I look forward to hear from you. Blessings! ~Lillie Cintrón

My mission is to provide practical spiritual solutions for people to handle life changes by honoring who they are and what they came here to do. My services are intended to inspire, empower and guide you, as you move forward on your journey. 

You will find balance, order and peace of mind while smoothly navigating towards your new life...just like a dance.

Inspire. Empower. Thrive.

Practical Spirituality guidance for everyday life.



You will get answers, solutions and strategies to deal with life changes, personal challenges and move on with the action plan to make things happen. Find the clarity, understanding and support you need to go through your life transitions.

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Trance Dance Healing

Whether experienced or new to spiritual dance, you will find a sacred space to unleash your spirit, express yourself and heal.  There are no rules, no steps to learn and no need for dancing skills or experience. Through the dance, you find yourself in your own way.

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Classes & Workshops

Hands-on experiential activities and lessons that bring awareness into your own circumstances and the healing needed to move you forward. These classes complement the individual sessions and give you a new perspective on life.

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