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About Zen Dance

Zen Dance is for those who want to reignite their passion for life through the spiritual practice of conscious meditational movement. Our gatherings are for dancers and non-dancers alike, where you can explore moving your body to incredible music from around the world that crosses genres from exquisite flowing, new age, pop, world beat to exotic tribal rhythms and more.
We provide a sacred space where you will move in a safe and pleasurable atmosphere among like-minded, and like-hearted spirits. It is loosely guided through a mindful meditation that allows for comfort, connection and creativity. 
As we dance, we release the emotions, stress and the heaviness of life that keep us from feeling the peace within. We learn to trust our intuition to lead us in the dance while quieting the mind and freeing our souls. We let go, we surrender and we soar! We play and celebrate the joy of being alive. We connect to each other's energy and dance together as ONE.

Now more than ever our spirits could use more dance! 


If you want to go into deeper levels of your soul and express yourself freely, this is the place to be. 

Lillie's dance mix will transport you to the core of your being through an inner exploration that will open your heart, awaken your passions and uplift your spirit.

You'll feel a sense of connection, inner peace and the strength to flow through the times that we are living.


Join us on our next dance

Register to reserve your space. 


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